Why Most Work Plans Fail Despite Showing Promise

why work plans fail

Plans don’t fail because they suck. They fail because their execution sucks.

Here’s a common scenario: A team gets together to discuss a new initiative or project. Members brainstorm for hours to document expected goals and outcomes.

An insane number of meetings follow, each of which is a discussion on new strategies or tactics to “perfect” the planned strategies.… Read more

Attacking The Status Quo

how to build thought leadership by challenging the status quo

Wisdom is probably the only thing that outlives time. In fact, the more certain pearls of wisdom age, the more relevant they become.

Oscar Wilde shared one such pearl in the late 1800s when he said:

“The only worse thing than being talked about is not being talked about.”

In the social-media-dominated era, most people are busy talking about themselves.… Read more

When Life Gives Lemons…

how to use marketing to turn crisis into opportunity

Is it Friday already? Times are a-flyin’.

Here are three interesting examples of what brands did when life threw them lemons. Some squeezed the hell out of them to make lemonade. Others, well…

“WOW! NO COW! 🐮”

In July 2020, Swedish milk company Oatly’s valuation skyrocketed to $2 billion.… Read more