How The American Cancer Society Became The World’s Wealthiest Nonprofit

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Nonprofits fight for causes that improve people’s lives. They rely heavily on donations and grants to win in these battles.

Some causes generate disproportionate amounts of donations. Like 9/11, Hurricane Katrina, and the 2015 Nepal earthquake. But most nonprofits find it tough to raise donations consistently for causes like eradicating hunger and poverty, rehabilitating disaster-struck areas, and educating the underprivileged.… Read more

What A Tribe in Kenya Taught Us About Marketing

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“The best marketing strategy is to care.” — Gary Vee

While earning her master’s degree, conservation biologist Dr. Leelah Hazzah lived in Kenya, where she began to witness the rapid decline of African lions. In the last six decades, their numbers had nosedived from over half a million to less than 30,000 in Africa.… Read more