How to Live Up to Expectations As a Leader

how to manage time effectively at the  workplace

In 2013, Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, testified that the world was “more dangerous than it has ever been.”

In 2020, it feels worse.

Each day, we’re bombarded with headlines that reinforce our unease. The Corona virus, violent protests, school shootings, rapes, terrorist attacks — it’s just a matter of time before the human race implodes and SkyNet takes control.… Read more

The Simplest Way to Create A Powerful Brand Position

how to create brand positioning

“Don’t link to the product itself in the campaign,” he said. “We’ve never had enough stock to match the demand. Instead, link to the category. Let users search for the product. They’ll at least order something else if it isn’t available.”

In effect, the VP was ready to let users face a huge inconvenience just to avoid going through the personal inconvenience of solving the inventory planning problem.… Read more