How Elon Musk Makes Things Go Fast Without Breaking Them

business lessons from Elon Musk

“I was here a month ago… just over the fence. You had a tube and a pointy tube. And now you’ve got this!”, Tim Dodd exclaimed, pointing at the completed Starship prototype. “How do you do that? Is it just your will?”

“I’ve learned a lot of lessons about how to make things go fast and I’ve propagated those lessons to the SpaceX team,” Elon Musk responded in his typical fidgety, teenage-boy tone.… Read more

How Real Leaders Are Leading From the Front During This Crisis


Pay cuts.


The relentlessly grim headlines.

These topics have woven themselves into almost every conversation during the last few weeks. Yet again, a Black Swan event has plunged the world into uncertainty.

People are struggling to manage their emotions, to adjust to a new workplace (their homes), and to figure out how the world will look in the aftermath of this pandemic, and what their place in it will be.… Read more

How to Live Up to Expectations As a Leader

how to manage time effectively at the  workplace

In 2013, Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, testified that the world was “more dangerous than it has ever been.”

In 2020, it feels worse.

Each day, we’re bombarded with headlines that reinforce our unease. The Corona virus, violent protests, school shootings, rapes, terrorist attacks — it’s just a matter of time before the human race implodes and SkyNet takes control.… Read more