The Simplest Way to Create A Powerful Brand Position

how to create brand positioning

“Don’t link to the product itself in the campaign,” he said. “We’ve never had enough stock to match the demand. Instead, link to the category. Let users search for the product. They’ll at least order something else if it isn’t available.”

In effect, the VP was ready to let users face a huge inconvenience just to avoid going through the personal inconvenience of solving the inventory planning problem.… Read more

Lowest Price Can Never Be A USP

lowest price is not an example of a usp for a business

Three years ago, I was negotiating a content writing project with a client. I had worked with them before and presented good results.

I proposed a fee. The client instantly responded with a single-line email that read, “This is too expensive.”

The earlier me would’ve halved his fees instantly. … Read more