Content Sutra is founded by Vishal Kataria, a content marketer, and ex-business process consultant.

Vishal has been blogging since 2011. He’s a Top Writer on Medium, has been featured on various LinkedIn Pulse channels, and has over 2 million views on Quora. His work has over 5 million views and keeps growing in visibility.

As a content marketer, Vishal designed and refined the process to help brands get better RoI for their content marketing efforts over the years. As a business process consultant, Vishal worked closely with C-suite executives to help them streamline operations and grow in a sustainable way.

The combination of these skills has helped Vishal understand how your business functions and build marketing strategies to make a brand stand out in a crowded space. This process is what he has applied to ensure that Content Sutra’s work contributes to your business goals.